Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Elliot Williams to the NBA Draft

Fox News broke the story that Elliot Williams has officially declared for the draft. He has also signed an agent, preventing him from deciding to return to college. This should not come as a surprise as Coach Josh Pastner has said that Williams will either be in or out, no testing of the waters.

This is obviously bad for the Tigers from an experience stand point. Right now, the only players in the backcourt that won't be freshman are Wesley Witherspoon and Roburt Sallie, assuming he decides to return.

It does have some positives, though. There was a bit of a log jam at the guard positions which made the starting lineup very complicated. Would Joe Jackson or Will Barton have to sit on the bench? Or maybe, keep playing Wesley Witherspoon as a power forward? Now the starting line up is much easier to figure out. It will probably go something like this; PG:Joe Jackson SG:Will Barton SF:Wesley Witherspoon PF:Angel Garcia C:Will Coleman. That's a lot of talent for a starting five. So, there's nothing to be upset about (Although I'm sure many tiger fans weren't going to be upset with the problem of having too many players capable of starting).

Tiger fans should wish Elliot Williams well. While he won't be a lottery pick, going in the late first or early second round is nothing to laugh at. It also looks great for Josh Pastner to take a role player from Duke that averaged less than five points a game and turn him into a draft pick (As Dan Wolken so graciously pointed out on his Twitter account). Fans should just be glad he joined us for the one season that he did. That was when we truly needed him.


  1. Hopefully Sallie will return as a result

  2. Yeah, he would definitely provide some much needed experience.